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Friends! Way back in 2019, I had the privilege of debuting my live-reactive visual system, in prototype form, at St George’s Bristol, as part of their International Keyboard Festival.

Then, in 2020, two things happened in 2020: 🤣

I was awarded funding from Arts Council England’s DYCP (“developing your creative practice”) fund, to develop this into a bigger, faster, stronger, system that would let me make better art.

…And we had that lil’ pandemic thingie.

DYCP supported me to work with geniuses like

Matthew Ragan


Aurelian Ionus, and my pal Laura programmed me for an early performance at a 360° projection dome in Plymouth’s Market Hall. I learned an incredible amount about digital/algorithmic/live/visual art, and got to perform it in the most incredible setting. (That’s where those pictures up top came from!)

Meanwhile another funding body, Help Musicians, helped make recording possible, partially at Peter Gabriel’s iconic Real World Studios (the food there is fantastic) but mostly at a little place called Steinway Recording.

I had the pleasure to work with many friends on making this album— and I’ll shout about all of them when the whole thing comes out— but for this first single my genius pal Jay Chakravorty added some modular electronic weirdness that’s the absolute perfect thing.

And now it’s ready for your ears. This track is called “Eleven Japanese Streams” — yes, it’s sort of a pun, sorry— and it’s the first single off my forthcoming album Say You’re With Me, out this summer. 

Head to @bandcamp to pre-order and get the track on Friday when it’s officially born. (Bandcamp remains the best place to buy music in terms of supporting the artists you love.)

If streaming is your thing, please know that pre-saves are weirdly helpful to small artists like me. Here’s the link, you know what to do: https://show.co/fIxnC2F

So wait— what’s that about live visuals? I’m releasing the video with the track on Friday, but I wanted to give you pals a chance to be the first to see it. So here’s the video link.

If you’re in the UK, I’ve got live shows booked in Bristol, Exeter, Manchester, Leeds, York, Ludlow, Honiton, Tunbridge Wells, Corsham, Box, and (sssh, not public yet) Edinburgh. Come see the live show!

(In the spirit of asking the universe for what you want, I’d really like to book shows in Coventry, Sheffield, Birmingham and Hull. Any leads there?)

Thanks for reading this far. It’s been a weird couple of years for everyone, and we’re not done with it yet. But the sun is shining and there’s music to listen to, so I’m feeling guardedly hopeful that we’ll get there eventually.

<3 to infinity,
Charlie / Larkhall